Photo Gallery Directory
Residential & Commercial Project Sites A collection featuring residential and commercial properties, focused on showcasing property-wide landscape installations, including a few pre-design/post-installation comparisions.
Wooden Arbors A collection featuring handmade wooden arbors. As a completely unique and customizable garden item, arbors can be a feature or compliment for any installation. The variable shapes, styles, and colors provide limitless possibilities.
Brick & Stone A collection featuring all things brick & stone. From the conventional retaining walls, pathways, and waterfalls to innovative fireplaces, benches, and patios, landscaping brick & stone work can add style and character in any application.
Christopher Farm & Gardens A collection featuring the highly acclaimed, prestigious Christopher property. Situated along Lake Michigan's shores, this beautiful complex highlights a seemingly endless variety of outdoor havens. From waterfalls and gazebos to a brick labyrinth and vineyard, this breathtaking adventure is one of the premier farm & gardens of the Midwest.